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Fireside Fellowship

Our Lady of Grace Parish
5001 White Oak Ave
Encino, CA 91316

The Fireside Fellowship

Discovering a More Meaningful Life and Faith

(Now in its 9th consecutive year at Our Lady of Grace!)

 The Mission of the Fireside Fellowship is to enable people to recognize Judeo-Christian principles in everyday experiences and apply them to their lives. 

 The Purpose of these group discussions is to provide an atmosphere and agenda that offer people an opportunity to meet and share their everyday experiences, feelings and faith as they pertain to pertinent universal topics, e.g., GRATITUDE, WORK,


By offering practical and spiritual perspectives, the Fellowship hopes to effect a positive change in the life and faith of each person.

 The Fireside Fellowship meets on the first Wednesday night of each month in the ParishCenter from 7:00-8:30 p.m. It’s casual. Just show up or, for further information, call Robert Hanley (818) 366-7263 or [email protected]


Mary P. – “I look forward to the Fireside Fellowship each month. It affords me the opportunity  to get to know and become closer friends with people that I see at Mass on Sundays. The topics are always interesting. I like knowing that I and others can share our thoughts, experiences, opinions, feelings, and ideas in a safe place without being criticized or judged. I also never leave without feeling inspired.”

Marina – “People all have hopes, dreams, problems, and aspirations; we are all looking for deeper meaning in our lives and a closer relationship with God through our own individual passions and interests. Meeting people with the same struggles as myself has been uplifting, comforting, and inspiring.”

Judy – “I look forward to the first Wednesday of each month because of the Fireside Fellowship!It is such a warm, welcoming group of fun and interesting people. I enjoy exploring the very pertinent topics as they apply to everyday life. ‘Balance’ was one of my favorites. What I like best though is that it’s open to everyone. I'm grateful that OLG has started this Fellowship!” 

Christine Y – “Fellowship in the true sense; Friendship with a variety of peoples; Enjoyment of warm camaraderie in a relaxed atmosphere; Love of God which is shared by all; Laughter as a means of drawing us closer; Oneness with all present; Witnessing God’s love in each other; Sharing of our minds and hearts; Hope for a more enriched life; Inspiration on how to serve God better; Prayers to strengthen our faith.”

Duffy – “The Fireside Fellowship is indeed a fellowship. I look forward to the monthly meetings because they are structured in such a way that everyone has an opportunity to participate. This friendly, open nature permits a wide variety of opinion, observation, and faith sharing. I think everyone’s outlook has been expanded and colored with a bright new brush. I know mine has.” 

Jennifer – “I find it comforting to experience similarities to others as I journey along my own spiritual path. At times I wonder if I’m praying or seeking correctly, or applying the best beneficial practices to my everyday life. I find the Fireside Fellowship to be rejuvenating and empowering.”