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We all have good intentions to stick with Bible study plans at home, yet distractions provide one reason after another to postpone. Participating in a Bible study within a small group has a dynamic you cannot reproduce on your own. As you participate in discussion and share ideas, you take advantage of interaction. 

Catholic Bible studies are an important way of understanding the Catholic faith. The more we can understand the inspired writings in the books of the Bible, the more we understand the beliefs, celebrations and rituals of our faith.  Watch and listen to past Bible Studies HERE.

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Looking for a Bible Study combining serious study & spiritual depth? Join us as together we continue our Bible Study series exploring this unique book rich with wisdom about God’s power & our Christian life today.

Presentation Schedule
April 17th- Introduction to Bible Study and the Book of Acts
Have you always wanted to Study the Bible but didn’t know where to start? What are the 4 meanings of the scriptures? Acts of the Apostles or Acts of the Spirit? Keys to good biblical understanding. Reviewing themes found in the book of Acts.

April 24th- Pentecost. The Great Feast- second only to Easter.  
What really happened?…and is the same encounter needed today?
May 1st- Life of the Early Church (Acts 3-4). How did the early disciples live the ‘new way’. How were their lives different?

May 8th- Conversion of Paul. Paul’s conversion can look really different than anything we have experienced. What are the parallels in our lives? What are our ‘unique experiences’ of grace?

May 15th- Peter and Cornelius. The best ‘little known’ story of the New Testament. A rich instruction on the Power of God & our response

May 22nd- Unity and Disagreement- How can we be ‘one, as the Father and the Son are one’? Acts 8 & 15 point the way to building up the body of Christ.

May 29th- The Missionary Journeys of Paul. How do we take on a Missionary mentality- the fundamental stance of the Christian in the World today.